Cedar Falls, Iowa Photographer | Life is for Living

Photographers are, at their very core, storytellers.  Our images tell the tale of the important events in our clients’ lives, they document our world as it unfolds in our generation, so that future generations will know how we lived.  Our art is our legacy.

But what if we are so busy telling other people’s stories, that we never take the time to tell our own?  For me, the line between documenting life and living life gets more and more blurry all the time.

This weekend in Cedar Falls was the annual Sturgis Falls Celebration – four days of entertainment, events, food, and fun.  It was a photographer’s playground.  Great people watching, fantastic weather (mostly), and my trigger finger was just itching the entire time.  Yet I didn’t take a single photo.  Not one.  Why?  Because I needed to remind myself that, although I am a storyteller, ultimately life is for living and I cannot tell a good story for someone else if I have no story of my own.  And you know what?  The images I brought home in my mind’s eye, I believe, will be some of the most vivid images I’ve ever created.  And, oh, the stories I have to share!

So I’m here to remind you all to take time to live your lives.  Leave your gear at home sometimes and let your memory record the images.  You’ll be a far better storyteller in the long run.

Take time for the simple pleasures...


One thought on “Cedar Falls, Iowa Photographer | Life is for Living

  1. HI Molly! Very nicely put. Kind of like the self care, ie a massage or spa treatment etc. Glad to know you did not have any of the ‘oh dang I wish I had my camera’ thoughts!:) Diane

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