Peach Fuzz {Cedar Falls Iowa Baby Photography}

There are just some photo shoots that make me glow, from the first click of the shutter until the last photo is processed and delivered.  Babies top that list.  Not having babies of my own, I will admit that I don’t know much about them, but I love them unabashedly.  I also think they are fascinating, from the first hint of mama’s growing baby bump to their wrinkled, purple, screaming entry into the world.  I have been blessed in the past few months to witness two such amazing creatures come into the world – and into the most amazing, warm, loving, nurturing families.  Having this front row seat has been such an education for me, and my heart is full.

So, tonight (this morning?) I just want to share my gratitude for my front row seat to the circle of life.  And breathe a happy sigh over one of my new favorite of life’s simple pleasures… baby peach fuzz…


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