{Inspire, Create, Believe} | Iowa Beloved Photographer

One of the ways I am turning things around for me and my photography, is that I’m not making any New Year’s Resolutions.  Making resolutions always seems to focus on flaws and shortcomings, and the resolutions are often too vague or unrealistic, thus sure to fail.  I want to start out the year being successful, and using my newly formed idea of what that word “success” really means to me.  I’ve been encouraged by a friend to instead choose a theme for the year – one word that will set the tone for everything I do in my business and in life, thus keeping me mindful of where I want to be nd making sure I do everything with purpose and intention.

I couldn’t settle on just one word, however, so I have 3:  Inspire, Create, Believe.  From this point forward, everything I do, everything I dream, everything I experience should somehow reflect one or all of these theme words.  If I can help inspire others and surround myself with people who inspire me, and encourage all of us  to be actively creating art on a regular basis, then I believe I am making a positive impact, which has always been my goal in life and in business.

So let this blog post INSPIRE you to CREATE your own theme for 2012, setting the tone for your year, and together I BELIEVE we can do astounding things!

So… what is YOUR theme for 2012?


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