~ Dancing Souls ~

Author Jarod Kintz once said, “laughter is the sound of the soul dancing.”  I never fully understood that statement until this week.

I’ve been attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, being taught at Vinton’s First Baptist Church Sunday evenings, along with several families who have young children.

The sounds of these children being children have become the sountrack to our classes — running, clomping, laughing, shouting.    These are joyous sounds, and as I look around the class, I know I’m not the only who hears them.  I watch the amused smiles begin to curl up at the corners of the mouths of other adults in the class as we try to master grown-up lessons, while we are all secretly wishing we were playing outdoors, too.

When class ended this week and we all headed for the door, we were met with a chorus of unbridled girly giggles.  On the front lawn were half a dozen little girls twirling around and around, feet bare, arms outstretched and heads thrown back — laughing at each other, at themselves, at the earth spinning before their eyes when they became dizzy and fell on their backs in the grass, only to get up and begin twirling again.  And we, the grownups, upon seeing the sheer elation, could not help but catch the giggles, too!  All those little souls dancing!

I wanted to stay and watch.  I wanted to join in and twirl around and around, too, until I felt dizzy and fell giggling to the ground.  I wish now I had done so, instead of letting my grown-up self drag me away from the sound of souls dancing.

There are very few photos of me, and hardly any of those photos show me laughing, but I did find one to share.  Here, dear friends, is a glimpse of my soul dancing.

Atlanta Subway 2007Let’s do this more often, shall we?
Meet me in the sweet, soft, green grass this summer and we’ll twirl until our souls dance!


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