Cowboys, zombies and a dog named Janice

The seasons seem to change so quickly sometimes that I feel like I almost missed Fall entirely.  I always have the best intentions of taking a leisurely drive to take in the abundance of beauty that an Iowa fall provides, but it rarely turns out that way.  So when my friend, Brian, invited me to ride along to McGregor, Iowa, I jumped at the opportunity.  Brian is one of the players in the Hole in the Sock Gang acting troupe that provides entertainment in this super cute town located on the Mississippi River across from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Pike’s Peak State Park is located just south of the city.  

One of my favorite members of the Hole in the Sock Gang was their Public Relations Officer, Janice… the cutest little black dog ever.  Of course she wasn’t just little, she was also fast… too fast to get a good photo.  But she was a dear little thing and gave of her puppy love freely, with lots of tail wags and licks to whoever looked in her direction.


This was the Gang’s last show of their performing season, as well as being their Halloween show, so they included a little Halloween cheekiness in the skits, including Ghost Riders (you can’t kill a ghost, but you also can’t be killed by a ghost bullet, so everybody lived – yay!).  There was also a snake oil salesman who hypnotized all the townspeople and they became zombies.



I also managed to sneak in a bit of knitting on a sunny park bench and soak up some much needed vitamin D as we head into the gray season. I also took the opportunity to finally follow through on my intention to capture colorful gifts of fall.  I promise to remember to slow down and notice these little gifts more often.  Thanks, Brian.



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