Soul Sessions ~ Pat W.

I love when the Photographic Experience leads to a lifelong friendship.  Such is the case with Pat who lives in Colorado.  A local Iowa friend of Pat’s gave her the gift of a Soul Session, and we were able to make it happen mid-May when I traveled there to attend Business As An Artform.

BelovedColorado-PatWebb_17-reverseI couch-surfed at Pat’s house for a couple of nights and we spent a Saturday at a few places in the area  that are especially meaningful to her.  We divided her Soul Session Experience over three areas:  Fort Logan National Cemetery, Evergreen Lake and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.  Each holds a special place in her heart for different reasons.

BelovedColorado-PatWebb_09We walked, we talked, we laughed, and at the end of the day we had created a collection of photographs that really say something about Pat, where she’s been in her life, and who she is now.  We let her soul speak.  And we had also created a friendship that feels like it’s been years in the making.  Thanks for sharing your home with me, Pat, as well as sharing your heart and soul with mine.  Love ya, my sister from another mister!



Bringing {Beloved} home.

Many of you have heard me speak often lately about the Beloved concept, and some of have even experienced how this concept has shaped my Soul Sessions.  My excitement just continues to build every single day about these sessions.  I believe it is one of the best gifts that you and your spouse or partner can experience together, and one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

{Beloved} is an emerging photographic genre centered on the creation of meaning-rich portraits that express the individual, beautiful personality each person is born with, creating an opportunity to celebrate the relationships that fill our lives with joy and purpose.

The Photogenic Technique gives photographers a clear and simple way to move past the “camera smile”‘ to easily capture the authentic, photogenic expressions and the naturally beautiful sides of our personality we share with our loved ones.

The Beloved Collective serves and supports the amazing community of photographers who are integrating Photogenic Technique into their portrait sessions through products, online training courses and an annual conference.

Beloved {Soul Sessions} – Jackie+Matt

Jackie+Matt will be tying the knot on a very special date:  11-11-11.  They are the most easygoing and down-to-earth couple.  We had an incredibly beautiful October morning for their Beloved Soul Session.  For their location, they chose a lovely park tucked away in a little neighborhood near the University of Iowa.  They shared some very sweet moments with me…and Matt seemed to always look like he knows a very BIG secret!

Beloved {Soul Sessions} – lindsey+sean

Earlier this year, Lindsey and Sean took time out of their unbelievably busy lives (college graduation, moving into their first home together, teaching, grad school, and much more!) to be one of the first couples to experience a Beloved Soul Session with me.  What follows is a collection of my favorite art from their session.  Thank you, Lindsey and Sean, for being open to this very unique experience, and letting me create this sweet time and space for you to fill up with who you are…Soul Sessions were created especially for you.  This hands on, have fun, feel good photographic adventure celebrates and explores showing love, feeling love, and being loved.  Loving others.  Loving ourselves.  And loving the art that we create together.

Soul Sessions are more than photographs “of you” – these are photographs “about you.”  Creative, fun-loving, insightful works of art that pick up on those small details that will make you smile and give you hope and belief in each other and yourselves.  Art that will bring life to your home and create heirlooms for future generations to cherish.

A Beloved Soul Session creates a space and allows you to take time to peel away those layers of distraction and focus on the people who really matter to you, to be playful and have fun, to say the things you feel but don’t always share, to close in that distance that can grow between you as the daily responsibilities of life push you around, to just feel good.  The images I capture are a reminder of this beautiful experience – a gift so you can always remember how beautiful your love is…

Beloved Soul Sessions are an experience of the heart that gives truth a voice, gives relationships strength, gives love flight.